The platform

The platform will address NEETs activation by applying the theory of Gamification and by developing online motivational content accessible on computers and mobile devices interactively linked with Classical Learning Management Systems (LMS). Gamification commonly employs game design elements that are used in so-called non-game contexts in attempts to improve user engagement, behaviour change and learning.

The purpose of this gamified platform is to enhance and engage long-term behaviour change in NEETs by implementing gamification principles, such as development and accomplishment, empowerment of creativity, social influence, curiosity and unpredictability. In addition, the gamification provides a structured, multitier approach that is boosting and nurturing user engagement through the use of games, missions, leader boards, point systems, badges.

The gamified platform aims at the NEETs activation and empowerment through learning missions and e-games which will be used by the youth workers in their work with NEETs in order to increase their chances for educational and labour market integration.